3 Points to Success in Life


Don’t blame others! If someone stole from you, lied to or cheated you – you can be upset and disappointed, but do not dwell on it. Though you may be justified, it will be a waste of your time. Blaming others for your bad situation NEVER helps. Here’s an example of self-reliance.

A very successful man was kicked out of his home by his father, when he was 16 years old, and he never finished high school. His 4 siblings still hold resentments towards their father. When this man was asked about his success, he stated that he owed much of his success to his father. He explained that, early in his life, he realized his father made terrible decisions. The man decided that, when he needed to make an important decision, he would ask his father for advice and then do the opposite.

If your parents were not the best, realize that they had parents too. Try to forgive them and break the cycle. YOU will be better for it. Wherever you are in life, you are likely there as a result of the decisions you made. Take total responsibility for yourself and you will have a successful life.

When analyzing what and why something happened to you, realize you are your own worst enemy and will fall to SELF-SABOTAGE.


You are your own worst enemy! Because you know your weaknesses better than anyone, you know how to hurt yourself more quickly and more destructively than anyone. Some are less destructive than others, but there is some self-destructiveness in all of us. Be honest with yourself, even if others lie to you.

When something terrible happens to you, ask yourself what you may have contributed to the situation. You probably did in some way. What is it about yourself that caused you to be vulnerable. take responsibility for whatever actions you did to contribute, and then DON’T DO IT AGAIN! Do what you can to create a positive SELF-IMAGE!


Did you know… you unconsciously project your self-image to the world. You must become aware of what you project because your self-image is self-fulfilling. This may be the most difficult idea to comprehend because it’s been so embedded into your being that it’s influenced your actions all your life.

Your self-image causes you to automatically interact with the world in a way that ensures you are treated in a way that validates your self-image. It’s a desperate need to be right about your self-image because, if you are wrong, then who are you?

If your self-image is of a person with a good moral compass, then you will accept success gracefully and humbly. Your constructive good will be returned to you by the world. If your self-image is of a person who does not deserve life’s good, then you will sabotage your success and blame it on others. Your negativity will be returned to you by the world.

You are Self-Reliant and make good decisions in your life. You are honest with yourself and take responsibility for your actions, avoiding Self-Sabotage. Your Self-Image is of a person capable and confident. Ready and able! You are a WINNER!

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