7 Keys to Success in Business

On February 16th, HomesUSA.com™ CEO, Ben Caballero, was the Keynote Speaker for the 2019 Think Realty Conference and Expo. Caballero presented the audience with seven (7) words, asking that they create a mental image of what each word meant to them; those words were Purpose, Goals, Creativity, Specialization, Focus, Passion, and Persistence. He emphasized how each was a key to Success in Business and continued with his three (3) points for Success in Life; Self-Reliance, Self-Sabotage, and Self-Image.


How you live your life is a reflection of your purpose. Without purpose – meaningful success is not possible. Whatever success you have is, in large part, a by-product of your purpose. Success is more about how you live your life rather than from just trying to be successful. Just as there is good and bad in most things, so too with purpose.

It may sound counterintuitive, but in good purpose…the more you do for others, the greater our success and the more fulfilment you will experience. When your purpose is doing something because you love it, success will come to you and you will have a rewarding life. Bad purpose is when you take from others. If making money is your sole purpose, then you may make lots of money, but you won’t have a rewarding life.

If you have found your purpose, good. If you are wondering whether your purpose is the right one for you, or if you haven’t found your purpose, then finding out should be your GOAL.


It’s important to realize – a goal achieved is not success achieved. Goals are the steps we take toward our purpose. Each goal achieved is a victory you can celebrate as you live your purpose. If you have trouble trying to find goals, perhaps you need to try CREATIVITY.


The objective of creative thinking is finding answers and solutions. I believe that, with few exceptions, every problem has a solution. Whatever answer you need, or problem you want to solve, use creative thinking to find the solution. Creativity begins with an idea followed by intense thought.

Be inquisitive. Observe and question — How things are done. Try to understand — Why things are done. Then — Analyze how and why things are done. THINK — is there, could there, should there be a better way? Thinking this way stimulates ideas. Do not expect an instant burst of brilliance. Ideas usually evolve.

Our brains have the amazing capacity to work an idea without conscious thought. Solutions come at the most unexpected times — when they do arrive, write it down and don’t lose it. If a solution doesn’t come to mind immediately, don’t worry, that’s normal. Just begin looking at the world, using these steps, and you will become more creative — and your purpose more clear. When you find your purpose, be proficient at it. Proficiency requires SPECIALIZATION.


By specializing, you can do more for people — so specialize and become proficient. All professions have specialities…many specialities. A good example of specialization is how one agent specialized in selling homes for people getting a divorce. It’s a stressful time for both parties, and they aren’t always inclined to be cooperative. Regrettably, lots of people get divorced, but with her speciality, she helps them through a difficult time. Her techniques help them sell their home, with a good outcome most of the time. When you find your speciality, FOCUS on it!


Focus on your speciality like a laser. Don’t become distracted. Distractions will minimize or destroy your success. Don’t be distracted by what appears to be greener grass in other industries or markets. Your industry experience is not transferrable. Your connections are not helpful and your earning capacity will take a hit. You should not have to jump from one industry to another. When you have your purpose, you will have a PASSION that helps you overcome dips and changes.


Passion is the natural result of purpose. Your passion should drive you and make what you do easy. It energizes you to overcome any obstacles you encounter, enabling you to easily do what others without passion are unable to do. When you find your purpose, passion will find you, and when it does PERSISTENCE


Persistence is the constant of greatness. You must persist through failures and see them as learning opportunities. Analyze them and make corrections using that knowledge. If that doesn’t work, try again! Most importantly, when you fail (and you will fail), don’t look for sympathy. Don’t publicize your failures. It is no one’s business.

When you are living your Purpose, your Passion drove you to achieve many Goals. You used Creativity to solve many problems. You Specialized, you Focused, and you Persisted. Live your PURPOSE! Enjoy your PASSION!

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For more on how Ben Caballero has become so successful in business, be sure to download his new podcast, “Real Estate Lessons from the #1 Ranked Agent in the US”.

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