HomesUSA’s Ben Caballero is changing how homes are marketed

Ben Caballero Inman

Ben Caballero, the founder and CEO of, is known for revolutionizing how new homes are marketed. His unique approach to real estate, deeply ingrained from his family background in the business, has led him to achieve significant milestones, including recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Caballero’s journey began early, becoming a broker at 21 and quickly delving into various real estate ventures. His deep understanding of the industry’s nuances led him to establish, a platform dedicated to marketing new homes to real estate agents. This service has proved vital in increasing administrative efficiency and net income for homebuilders, making it a critical tool in addressing the housing shortage crisis.

Caballero attributes his consistent top performance in the annual RealTrends report to the platform. This system streamlines the process of listing new homes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency, which is crucial in an industry where timely and accurate information is paramount.

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