MLS Information Is NOT ACCURATE if It is Not Timely and Complete

Accurate MLS listings protect a home builder’s brand, builds agent trust, minimizes misunderstandings and reduces potential legal consequences. However, just having correct information for MLS listings does not make them accurate. Listing information must be complete and continuously updated.


Sales can be lost when current information is not available to agents or syndicated websites. Your MLS listings may fail to show up in search results because changes to price, availability and construction stage are not entered into MLS promptly.® updates MLS on average within 13 minutes, seven days a week during a builder’s sales hours.


A builder’s MLS listings must be complete. It is all to common for listings to contain only the bare minimum information required by MLS. notifies builders when property descriptions are inadequate, when photos are needed, when to enter completion dates and when to enter closing data.


Photos are the most important element for any MLS listing. Photos of completed homes must be taken and uploaded to MLS as soon as possible.’s Media Manager tracks completions for builders and ensures professionally edited photos are added to MLS.

Completion Dates

Many new home listings are added to MLS before construction is completed and will show a status of “Incomplete”. The problem arises when the status of a new home is not updated in MLS once the home is complete. If an agent is searching only for completed homes, an out-of-date listing will not be included in the search results. tracks construction completion dates and ensures the construction status is accurate.


Nothing is more frustrating to agents than when a new home shows as Available in MLS even though it is under contract or is sold. This can discourage agents from showing a builder’s home which can lead to lost sales. monitors new home availability and makes sure MLS listings are updated promptly.’s platform has fifty-two built-in validations that help new home builders sell more homes by providing accurate and up-to-date MLS listings.

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