Bob Hafer

Program Director

Bob Hafer’s

40-plus years of housing experience qualify him as a knowledgeable resale and new home sales specialist. During his first 23 years, he held management positions with a large national home builder ranging from sales and marketing, merchandising, and research and development, to training and then to division and regional president responsible for $100,000,000 in sales.

For 15 years, Bob provided marketing strategy, merchandising, and sales training expertise to over 100 home builders coast to coast.

Bob has been featured as a subject matter expert in nationally recognized media, including: Builder Magazine, Builder Radio, Realtor, Realty Times, The Real Estate Professional, Texas Builder, Texas Homebuilder and Professional Builder.

He has been featured as a subject matter expert in nationally recognized media

Major Milestones

Bob authored Building Results – The Ultimate How to Guide for New Home Sales. Building Results does just that – provides a fresh, actionable approach on the home sales process. By teaching readers how to create an environment in which they psychologically embrace their buyer, the reader develops a profound understanding of customers’ needs and wants.

To complement his new home experience, Bob earned his Texas Real Estate license.

he was awarded the Professional Realtor of the Year for Outstanding Service to the builders and remodelers of the Dallas Builders Association.

Bob began teaching DFW agents how to sell new homes through 6 TREC Approved Builder Courses. Agents that complete all 6 Courses earn a New Home Sales Agent Certification (NHSAC). Since its inception, over 800 Dallas and Fort Worth agents have received the coveted Certification.

Bob co-founded with Ben Caballero. The Alliance’s goal is to provide new homes sales education to agents.

Under Bob’s leadership, became the official TREC Approved Provider of the NHSAC Program.

All NHSAC Program courses provided online and available to all Texas agents.

Building Results


Building Results is more than a title, it is a way of thinking. And it is a salesperson’s thinking that Building Results is intended to influence. Since new home sales training began salespeople have been taught to do things to customers when in reality what customers want are things done for them.

Salespeople have been taught it is okay to probe into a customer’s personal life in the name of qualifying. Then when the salesperson feels resistance it is interpreted as a lack of interest, when in truth, the customer is simply communicating the need to look, understand and access feelings before answering questions.

Building Results teaches salespeople how to recognize a customer’s buying process and then it provides’ strategies to sell to people the way they want to buy. When salespeople are willing to think differently and are willing to do what other salespeople are not willing to do, the outcome is guaranteed: new home selling success.